My name is Lissette Whitehead, I'm a 39 year old who in November of 2005, due to a diving accident, suffered a level C4-5 complete spinal cord injury which left me quadriplegic and therefore confined to a wheelchair. Since my injury I have managed to stay positive about my recovery and about life.

In 2008 I was very lucky to find "Project Walk", a Spinal Cord Injury Recovery Center in Carlsbad CA, which offers an intense exercise program to improve the quality of life of people with such injuries. 

Project Walk has been improving the quality of lives of people with spinal cord injuries for over 10 years now, and people who were told that they would never walk again are now walking. 

Despite my inconsistency due to lack of funds, I have had some remarkable progress, thanks to this wonderful program and my amazing trainers at Project Walk. I really wish to continue with this program which is helping me each day to get closer to my recovery and to reach my goal which is to WALK AGAIN. Unfortunately this program is out of my budget reach and so far not covered by insurance. 

That is why I need your kind support to continue with my recovery.

Thank you!!

Your donation will help me get closer
to my